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This is us.





Alka is a certified holistic nutritionist, vegan, mother to four darlings and one rescue pup and a self-professed food queen. She loves anything to do with food and hers is delicious! She has had a food business since she was 21, selling her homemade baked samosas from her mom's kitchen. Her dream is to bring everyone together to enjoy delicious, healthy and beautiful meals starting with her community.



Vanusa is a busy hockey mom who sometimes feels like she lives out of her car. She is also active in her community and has spent the last 15 years working with local and international non-profit organizations. She has travelled the globe and lived in many countries. Vanusa has a passion for fine food and during her many travels has fallen in love with local cuisines all over the world. For her, food is a unifier and the act of sharing brings people together as a community.


At Community, we believe that when we come together, 
we can make a difference.

We know the pandemic has not been easy on anyone, Small Business and the Restaurant Industry have been negatively impacted.  Through our determination and resilience and support from our amazing customers, who have shown us a considerable amount of love, we have been able to solidify our business model.  And now we want to give back and help you; if you are a struggling restaurant that needs support reach out to us, we would love to help you out.

As well, as a member of Kerr Village, and the world at large, we give back to our local neighbourhoods by developing partnerships and contributing to local food banks and charities in need. We believe in the power of community and working together.

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