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Puneet Elephant Community.jpg

At Community, there are many reasons we have chosen an elephant as the symbol of our restaurant. Here are some awesome facts about this magnificent animal!

1. Elephants have deep family bonds or communities where they travel together in packs of up to 100 led by the oldest matriarch.


2. Elephants are very sensitive and caring. If a baby in the pack is unwell, all the elephants will try to comfort her.


3. Elephants are highly intelligent animals and have shown themselves to possess complex feelings and emotions.


4. Elephants are herbivores and consume up to 400 pounds of plants per day.


5. Elephants are an important part of the eco system because they spread seeds everywhere through their droppings.


6. Due to the way their brains are structured, an elephant grieves for their community member, through sadness, grief and mourning.


puneet elephant process.jpg

Puneet Kohli is the artist who painted our Elephant and Skull.  He is a collected artist residing in Toronto.     


The Elephant is a symbol of luck, fortune, protection and is a blessing upon all.  It is the largest and strongest land animal in the world and has an all plant-based diet.


The Elephant also represents momentum. Where there is motion, there is action... thus creating a natural chain reaction. For example, when one person decides to save the environment, or become plant-based, many others will embrace the movement. 


The Skull represents life and death, which are part of the natural cycle.  Death is not to be feared but welcomed and accepted because of the future possibilities after.  The Skull is a reminder to live in the moment.


Puneet manages money by day, and four kids at night (except on basketball nights).  You can learn more about him at


Community - Megan Claire Kehoe.JPG

Meaghan Claire Kehoe is a full-time mural and fine artist living in Durham, Ontario. Her medium and large-scale works painted in aerosol light up cities across Southern Ontario with their intense colours, crisp realism and injections of whimsical abstraction and expressionism.


With a focus on human representation, Kehoe is called to create spaces that inspire inclusivity, creativity and empowerment. Her first public mural was a four-sided pillar holding the Gardiner Expressway in Underpass Park, Toronto, completed over 5 years ago and her career has only been expanding and forging meaningful relationships with more and more communities ever since.

Shivam Bhatia art.png



Good Vibes and Palm Leaves.

Anya Mielniczek is a Toronto artist.  She is the artist who painted our Community Palm and Flowers wall mural. She is a lover of earth and water and pre-loved goods. 

Her piece was done in a very organic, in-the-moment way and was the reflection of taking in the heart and soul of Community. Filled with on site-inspo, conversations and collaborative creativity sessions.  The mural is a collection of good-vibe puffs and pulls in the hues of the space and fills them with the love and fun that embodies Community. The palm leaves are both a continuation of our elephants habitat and an ode to the veggies and plants that are celebrated at Community. A playful vibrant piece at it's core buzzing and breathing through the space. 


Anya is currently eating all the fruits and going to sleep early. 

Visit her at or 


Shivam Bhatia is our artist for the photographs in the Pink Parlour.  Shivam is a wanderer, dreamer and a compassionate storyteller who loves capturing life and emotions through his camera lens.
He loves exploring new cultures, places and meeting people and highlighting who they are.
Being a young entrepreneur, sportsman and animal lover, Shivam believes that it’s photography that contents his hunger to evolve continuously.

Visit him at Drel Shay - The Wanderer

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